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XCOM: Enemy Unknown + Enemy Within Review

The original X-COM: UFO Defense is often regarded among the top strategy and PC games of all time and so after a decade of inactivity we finally get a reboot to the series. XCOM: Enemy Unknown follows the spirit from the original game but it also applies over a decade of advancements in gaming by streamlining the overall experience. Be sure to check out the written review as I also took the perspective of a massive fan from the original game and I’ll say that there are a few surprises to be seen below.

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WRC 4 FIA World Rally Championship – Review

After several hours spread across four race seasons, I finally won the World Rally Championship along with finishing first in my WRC2, WRC3 and JWRC seasons. With four full seasons of experience under my belt, I put together a video review which can be found below.

Of course since racing games are one of my favourite genres, I simply could’t help myself but compare it to the next best competitor. Why did I compare WRC 4 to a game that predates it by eight years? Find out in my extra discussion following the video review below.

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GT6 – Mountain runs and short tracks

The seasonal events this week are another pair of super laps and drift trials events. We have non-race cars on Matterhorn while Super GT 500 class cars race on Laguna Seca. As for the drift trials, we have tuner cars on Eiger Nordwand while Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT-86’s slide through the streets of Madrid.

As usual you can read on for a video tutorial to reach gold on each event.

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Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning – Review

My long adventure through the Faelands of Amalur have finally come to an end. During my long playthrough I have covered everything from small tasks and side quests to changing fate, saving lives and effectively saving the world.

While some would be satisfied knowing my overall takeaway was generally positive, others would rather enjoy a lengthier review before investing their time in this game. If you wish to know more, read on for a video review and some extended thoughts on the overall game.

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The Fraxial Show: Episode 49

Short and sweet video this week! There are almost no important game releases to talk about and gaming news has been pretty quiet this week. We do have a few things worth mentioning, such as the announcement that EA will be taking over the publishing of all future Star Wars games. There’s also three new trailers for GTA V that you must see.

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