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BPGE #12 – Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle

The final game this week is another classic LucasArts point-and-click adventure game. The story starts off with two mutated tentacles called Purple and Green tentacle respectively. Against Green tentacles suggestion, Purple tentacle decides to drink out of the toxic sludge. After gaining his flipper arms and vastly improved intelligence he decides to rule the world. The game has some great writing, humour and art style which makes a great game overall. Continue reading BPGE #12 – Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle

BPGE #11 – Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Our second game this week happens to be the second Ultima title on the list. Unlike the spinoff we played yesterday, Ultima VII keeps the traditional isometric view from the previous games. Marking the beginning of a third age in the series, Ultima VII is regarded as the best title in the series. Unfortunately due to the games size and story driven nature, I only spent a few minutes at the beginning to showcase what this game is all about. If this game interests you, read on to see how we got the game running. Continue reading BPGE #11 – Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Saints Row: The Third – Quick Look

Now that Saints Row: The Third is finally out, we’ve had a chance to play it a bit and give you our initial impressions of the game. Here, I talk about my main gripes and also what I like most about the game so far. I haven’t played enough yet to warrant a full review, but that will come eventually. In any case, enjoy the video, and free free to leave any comments for more stuff you’d like to see.

Custom Craft Ep.12 – HotS Custom – Metalopolis

Last week Blizzard previewed the changes to come in Heart Of The Swarm to all BlizzConn attendees. As you can imagine, many people including us could not attend the event. While the special build of the game was not made available outside of BlizzCon, there is a close alternative available right now. I will be going over the changes shown at BlizzCon on this custom Heart Of The Swarm map.  Read on for more details on this set of custom maps. Continue reading Custom Craft Ep.12 – HotS Custom – Metalopolis