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BPGE #31 – Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far

Continuing our weekly series, we kick off this week with Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far. The game is a real-time strategy which focuses heavily on squad based tactics. To focus on the tactical aspect the game is paced very slow, so much that your patience will be tested several times. Close Combat does have several other tactical elements such as stealth and line of sight which will hide enemy units until they come into vision. The art style does help hide units in the environment which can make them very difficult to see. Overall the game does have several neat ideas, however it’s pacing and heavy focus on slow and long-term strategy is not my kind of game.

BPGE #29 – Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri

In a time where we had classic shooters like Quake release, there where other great games that seemingly flew under the radar. This sci-fi tactical first person shooter was quite different to most games back in the day. It was part of the first generation of true 3D games, but it also was unique as it featured proper open outdoor environments. Despite being well received at the time, Terra Nova was considered a failure. The game went through a long development cycle and in the end it was never able to recover all of it’s costs. While this did not directly result in the company going out of business, it was the beginning of several compounding events which would lead to their demise.

BPGE #15 – Syndicate

The original 1993 release of Syndicate marks the final game for this week. Syndicate is a real-time tactical game played in an isometric view. Compared to the upcoming reboot of the series, the new game will be a first person shooter which is quite a contrast for the series. Your task is to take over the world and to do so, you will have to complete the objective in each region. The objectives can vary in nature so you will need to equip your four agents accordingly for the task at hand. The game has become somewhat simplistic compared to our modern day standards, but it can still provide an interesting challenge on the first playthrough. If this game interests you, read on for some installation instructions. Continue reading BPGE #15 – Syndicate