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Custom Craft Ep.15 – Going on hold

Episode fifteen marks four months of Custom Craft episodes and unfortunately this will also mark the last episode for the time being. We had great fun making every one of these episodes, and we will be miss playing a new custom game every week. The reason behind this choice is the amount of time required to make every new episode has been rapidly increasing week over week. The video goes into further details as to why this is happening, but suffice to say it has become unreasonably long to make these videos. We would like to resume these videos in the future, but until the changes we talked about in the video are made, this series is on indefinite hold.

Custom Craft Ep.14 – Desert Strike

This week we play Desert Strike, a tug of war custom map that has been enjoying the front page for quite some time. This 3v3 tug of war map is quite simple to play, but it does require some strategy to start getting good at it. The aim of the game is to beat the oppositions army, so you have several building choices which each have their own specific units. The challenge here is that you have a steady income rate and a limited amount of space to place these structures, so being space efficient is very important on this map. Beyond that, the rest of the game is all about finding a good build that will counter both the wave you are attacking into and the wave following that. Since all the other players are essentially doing the same thing, you will need to come up with some clever strategies to win the game. Read on for further information concerning this map. Continue reading Custom Craft Ep.14 – Desert Strike

Custom Craft Ep.13 – Gem TD

In the past few episodes I have tried to avoid tower defense games as they don’t tend to be very original. However Gem TD has climbed up the ranks has been sitting among the top five most popular custom maps for some time now. To be in such a position, most games need to be fun, challenging and most importantly original. Starting with that last point, the first three rounds I played where quite rough as most tower defense games tend to concentrate on the maze creation or the tower combinations. While Gem TD merges these two together quite well, it must be said that the maze portion becomes very easy once you adopt the standard strategy that most use. In terms of fun and challenge you have three modes along with five difficulties to choose from. Now the choices are not actually votes because this is not a PvP tower defense game, instead its entirely based on a persistent high score which you can show off when joining new games. It’s an interesting take on the tower defense style of game, but overall it is quite enjoyable and well done. Continue reading Custom Craft Ep.13 – Gem TD

Custom Craft Ep.12 – HotS Custom – Metalopolis

Last week Blizzard previewed the changes to come in Heart Of The Swarm to all BlizzConn attendees. As you can imagine, many people including us could not attend the event. While the special build of the game was not made available outside of BlizzCon, there is a close alternative available right now. I will be going over the changes shown at BlizzCon on this custom Heart Of The Swarm map.  Read on for more details on this set of custom maps. Continue reading Custom Craft Ep.12 – HotS Custom – Metalopolis

Custom Craft Ep.11 – Last Stand Alpha

Another episode of Custom Craft and this week I play a map named Last Stand. Despite being in beta, this wave based survival map has managed to climb among the ten most popular custom maps. To defend from the multiple waves of enemies, you have a wide choice of units and structures to choose from. To further fortify your defenses, you also have several research levels and options you will need to perform. However it is worth mentioning that the balance isn’t quite right at this moment which makes most of these choices less then ideal. Similar to other survival maps, this balance issue ends up removing the need for any strategy as you can easily defend with two types of units. This has a secondary effect of dragging on the games for much too long while the incoming waves slowly erode your forces. Keep in mind that this game is just a proof of concept alpha build, so it does show some potential once things start getting balanced out.

If this map interests you, read on for more information and how to find it.

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Custom Craft Ep.10 – Special Forces: Elite

This week on Custom Craft, I start the video about a quarter of the way into a game of Special Forces: Elite. The idea behind this custom map is fairly simple and straightforward, you have to defend your base and clear out the zerg infested map. Right when you and your teammates start with a random low tier unit, the steady flow of zerg units are already making their way to your base. Read on for more more information.

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Custom Craft Ep.9 – MineralZ Evolution

How does a game with eight player co-op which combines both base building and tower defense elements sound? Well if you like the idea of such a game, MineralZ Evolution is possibly what you are looking for. Along with those elements, players need to balance four different types of resources which are required for various structures and upgrades. This is where you will need to start working as a team and have certain people dedicated to certain tasks. If this kind of game sounds interesting to you, read on for more information on how to find it. Continue reading Custom Craft Ep.9 – MineralZ Evolution

Custom Craft Ep.7 – Line Tower Wars Remade

No solo casting this week as Nick is joining me this episode for a game of line tower wars. Before venturing too far in this map, I would like to apologize for the sub-par audio this week as I was still trying out different solutions. I do have something much better ready for the next episode, but for now you can read on for more information on this custom game.

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Custom Craft Ep.6 – Island Defence

Following up a request to show more games of this type on the previous Galaxy Vamprism video, this week I played Island Defence. Odds are if you are a Warcraft 3 player, you probably have heard of this game before. If that is the case, you should feel right at home with this newer release as it is based off the Warcraft 3 version. For those out of the loop, read on for a brief summary of the game and further information on how to find it.

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