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BPGE #39 – Half-Life

We wrap up another week of games with another very important first-person shooter called Half-Life. The first game developed by Valve is important for many reasons, the biggest being how it changed the way we think about single player experiences. The dialogue, storyline and overall gameplay was very different than anything else at the time. But it’s importance does not stop there, the mod kit for Half-Life eventually lead to three new series for Valve. The Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat and Team Fortress series started life as mods before being acquired by Valve.

BPGE #36 – Battlezone

This week ends with a first-person shooter and real-time strategy hybrid called Battlezone. This game developed by Activision takes the best parts of both genres and combines them into one great overall package. I don’t have a whole lot more to talk about beyond this either. The game is pretty solid and it’s quite fun too, the only complaint is that we do not have a modern title that resembles this.

BPGE #29 – Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri

In a time where we had classic shooters like Quake release, there where other great games that seemingly flew under the radar. This sci-fi tactical first person shooter was quite different to most games back in the day. It was part of the first generation of true 3D games, but it also was unique as it featured proper open outdoor environments. Despite being well received at the time, Terra Nova was considered a failure. The game went through a long development cycle and in the end it was never able to recover all of it’s costs. While this did not directly result in the company going out of business, it was the beginning of several compounding events which would lead to their demise.

BPGE #27 – Quake

We end the week with one of the top 3 most important first-person shooters of all time, Quake. Like Doom, iD Software continued to evolve the FPS genre with many new features. It was considered the first full 3D FPS since Descent is arguably more of a flight combat sim than a first-person shooter. They also developed a full TCP/IP network stack for the engine which allowed for easy multiplayer gaming. Best of all was the modding community behind this game.  Before releasing the demo, iD had released something called QTest which was aimed as a tech demo of the upcoming game. Literally overnight there where servers already online and simple mods already uploaded for this tech demo. With that kind of dedication, you can imagine the game was quite a success when released.

If you want to give the game a try, I suggest picking it up on Steam : http://store.steampowered.com/app/2310/

BPGE #24 – Duke Nukem 3D

We end the week with this kick ass game called Duke Nukem 3D. Developed and published by 3D Realms, this would unfortunately be their last release before the the company slowly declined to what it is today. While the game did gain some controversy like many other first-person shooters did at the time, that did not stop the game from becoming a big commercial hit at the time. Duke Nukem 3D was very well received at its release and even to this day, the game still maintains an iconic position in the history of first-person shooters. I had no problems getting the game to run with the high resolution pack, so I highly recommend you to read on so you can give the game a try.

** Please note that I will be taking a one week break starting next week. I will resume the BPGE series on January 3rd. Continue reading BPGE #24 – Duke Nukem 3D

BPGE #22 – Descent

We kick off this week of the best PC games ever with a game called Descent. The objective is quite simple, you have full control over an armed spaceship and you must destroy the central reactor in every mine you enter. The game is a full 3D first-person shooter with six degrees of freedom. As you will need to navigate through these complex mines, this full motion freedom allows you to easily change the pitch, roll and yaw of your ship. Of course to make things more difficult, the game throws in a bunch of enemies and a few doors locked by key cards to slow down your path to the reactor. After all, what is the point of a game with no challenge ? Continue reading BPGE #22 – Descent

BPGE #18 – System Shock

The final game this week is quite the interesting title. It combined RPG elements into a first person, story driven, action-adventure game. Without going into detail, System Shock was quite an advanced and impressive game for it’s time. When you consider that even 17 years later the game still feels modern and continues to influence the industry, you know they did something right. Of course the only thing that prevents me from making this a must play title are the awkward controls inherited from Ultima Underworld. Unless you played some of these yearly first person games, the odd control scheme can be quite frustrating to play with. If you wish to give it a try, read on for some installation instructions. Continue reading BPGE #18 – System Shock

BPGE #15 – Syndicate

The original 1993 release of Syndicate marks the final game for this week. Syndicate is a real-time tactical game played in an isometric view. Compared to the upcoming reboot of the series, the new game will be a first person shooter which is quite a contrast for the series. Your task is to take over the world and to do so, you will have to complete the objective in each region. The objectives can vary in nature so you will need to equip your four agents accordingly for the task at hand. The game has become somewhat simplistic compared to our modern day standards, but it can still provide an interesting challenge on the first playthrough. If this game interests you, read on for some installation instructions. Continue reading BPGE #15 – Syndicate

BPGE #13 – Doom

This week starts off with one of the biggest landmarks in gaming with a game called Doom. The game is massively important in the history of gaming in several ways. The popularity of the first person shooter can be credited to the massive popularity Doom brought to it. Things like 3D graphics, multiplayer gaming and modding where also pioneered by this very game. At this point if you have not played the game, read on for some instructions on how to do so. Continue reading BPGE #13 – Doom