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BPGE #35 – Baldur’s Gate

Our last fantasy RPG was way back at episode 11 where we played Ultima. Lucky for us we break out of the typical shooters from the past few weeks with another RPG called Baldur’s Gate. The game is based on an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ruleset like the majority of role-playing games at the time. What made the game different from others was the strong emphasis on story and dialogue with other characters. Not only was this well done, BioWare handled it in such a way that you can see a direct evolution from Baldur’s Gate in their latest titles like Mass Effect 2.

BPGE #33 – Fallout 2

As usual, today is the third and final video of the week. Today’s game is an open world RPG called Fallout 2. The game is based on an alternative history which started around 1950. With a scare in resources, almost all technology ground to a halt as nuclear power was needed for survival. This scare in resources would eventually lead to all out nuclear wars in the 2070’s where most of the United-States became a barren wasteland. You begin your quest in this post-apocalyptic world about 150 years later where the effects have only just started to settle down.

BPGE #18 – System Shock

The final game this week is quite the interesting title. It combined RPG elements into a first person, story driven, action-adventure game. Without going into detail, System Shock was quite an advanced and impressive game for it’s time. When you consider that even 17 years later the game still feels modern and continues to influence the industry, you know they did something right. Of course the only thing that prevents me from making this a must play title are the awkward controls inherited from Ultima Underworld. Unless you played some of these yearly first person games, the odd control scheme can be quite frustrating to play with. If you wish to give it a try, read on for some installation instructions. Continue reading BPGE #18 – System Shock

BPGE #11 – Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Our second game this week happens to be the second Ultima title on the list. Unlike the spinoff we played yesterday, Ultima VII keeps the traditional isometric view from the previous games. Marking the beginning of a third age in the series, Ultima VII is regarded as the best title in the series. Unfortunately due to the games size and story driven nature, I only spent a few minutes at the beginning to showcase what this game is all about. If this game interests you, read on to see how we got the game running. Continue reading BPGE #11 – Ultima VII: The Black Gate

BPGE #10 – Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

This week we kick things off with a very important RPG game called Ultima Underworld. I will never be able to do this game justice as I never played it back in the day, however I can appreciate how technologically advanced this game was for it’s time. Not only was the 3D engine massively ambitious in it’s day, the entire gameplay side was also pretty neat for it’s time. You could choose many different skills, spells and a large array of equipment that would help you complete the game. Ultima Underworld was a truly open dungeon based RPG which has since influenced many new games after its release, even fifteen years later. Read on for install instructions. Continue reading BPGE #10 – Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss