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BPGE #36 – Battlezone

This week ends with a first-person shooter and real-time strategy hybrid called Battlezone. This game developed by Activision takes the best parts of both genres and combines them into one great overall package. I don’t have a whole lot more to talk about beyond this either. The game is pretty solid and it’s quite fun too, the only complaint is that we do not have a modern title that resembles this.

BPGE #34 – Total Annihilation

Like most of the games on this list, Total Annihilation did something special compared to every other real-time strategy at the time. One of the most obvious would be the massive scale battles where you could have up to 5,000 units on the map at the same time. Another neat thing was how the resources where handled in this game. Instead of having harvesters going to work, Total Annihilation depends on structures which provide a steady stream of metal and energy. What makes this mechanic interesting and complex is the fact that different structures and building units will have different rates at which they consume both resources. Overall, what do I think about this game after all these years? While there is a definite nostalgia factor, I would have to recommend the much more modern Supreme Commander.

BPGE #31 – Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far

Continuing our weekly series, we kick off this week with Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far. The game is a real-time strategy which focuses heavily on squad based tactics. To focus on the tactical aspect the game is paced very slow, so much that your patience will be tested several times. Close Combat does have several other tactical elements such as stealth and line of sight which will hide enemy units until they come into vision. The art style does help hide units in the environment which can make them very difficult to see. Overall the game does have several neat ideas, however it’s pacing and heavy focus on slow and long-term strategy is not my kind of game.

BPGE #25 – Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares

Hopefully you all had some great holidays and didn’t miss your weekly BPGE too much. The first episode of the new year will be about Master of Orion II. The game is a 4x real-time strategy with surprising depth and strategy to it. As you will find out in our longest video yet, I’m not exactly the most experienced player there is. I only managed to play about three games before starting the recording and only by then had I grasped the basics.

If you wish to play this game, it can be found on many online retailers like GoG.com – http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/master_of_orion_1_2

BPGE #23 – Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

Warcraft II was one of the most important games in the history of Blizzard Entertainment. This game defined their RTS style which was highly praised during its release. Warcraft II was so well received that gamers elevated Blizzard among the elite gaming companies like Westwood and iD Software. As you can imagine, this sparked the Command & Conquer vs Warcraft debates for years to come. Speaking of the future, this game would also form the basis for what would arguably become the most popular RTS of all time. The game in question would be StarCraft and it’s expansion called Brood War.

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BPGE #21 – Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn

We end the week with another important game in the history of the real-time strategy genre. After their success with Dune II, Westwood continued to improve and innovate their RTS formula in Command & Conquer. This marked the beginning of a new franchise which would eventually grow into one of the most popular and successful RTS games ever. While this game does not feature all the modern amenities that Tiberian Sun/Red Alert 2 had, the game was a definite leap from Dune II.  Either way, if you wish to give the game a try read on for some download links.
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BPGE #15 – Syndicate

The original 1993 release of Syndicate marks the final game for this week. Syndicate is a real-time tactical game played in an isometric view. Compared to the upcoming reboot of the series, the new game will be a first person shooter which is quite a contrast for the series. Your task is to take over the world and to do so, you will have to complete the objective in each region. The objectives can vary in nature so you will need to equip your four agents accordingly for the task at hand. The game has become somewhat simplistic compared to our modern day standards, but it can still provide an interesting challenge on the first playthrough. If this game interests you, read on for some installation instructions. Continue reading BPGE #15 – Syndicate

BPGE #7 – Dune II: The Building Of A Dynasty

We start off this week with the most important real-time strategy game to exist. Developed by Westwood Studios, Dune II literally defined the RTS genre as we know it. Basic game elements like resource gathering and tech trees all originated from this game. As much as it did define the genre, the game still feels quite antiquated twenty years later. To play a much more modern RTS, we need to move forward by three years and take a look at Command & Conquer. I highly recommend watching both games one after another to truly see how much Westwood influenced RTS games as we know them. If you wish to give it a try, read on for more information on Dune II. Continue reading BPGE #7 – Dune II: The Building Of A Dynasty