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GT6 – Snow Rally and Sports Cars

After having some special seasonal events the past two weeks, we are finally back to some typical timed events. The Super Laps this week would be a time attack style run on Tsukuba Circuit with tuned cars while the other is a snow rally run on Chamonix West. For the drift trials we have a normal car on Special Stage Route 5 and a race car on the updated Suzuka Circuit.

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WRC 4 FIA World Rally Championship – Review

After several hours spread across four race seasons, I finally won the World Rally Championship along with finishing first in my WRC2, WRC3 and JWRC seasons. With four full seasons of experience under my belt, I put together a video review which can be found below.

Of course since racing games are one of my favourite genres, I simply could’t help myself but compare it to the next best competitor. Why did I compare WRC 4 to a game that predates it by eight years? Find out in my extra discussion following the video review below.

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