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GT6 – A-Spec events including some racing cars

Three A-Spec events this week with some really fun challenges on both the Intermediate and Expert events. As usual you can read on for a video tutorial for each of the latest events.

I added the post image to my imgur gallery here as well – http://imgur.com/a/vGjmB

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F1 2011 – Race Gameplay

As promised in the previous quick look video, today I bring you a pure racing video. In this video, I’m at my first race of this season in Melbourne, Australia. This first race is a pretty good example of pushing much too hard and overdriving the car. That resulted in multiple mistakes and much heavier tire wear making the overall much more challenging then it should be. That being said, I will be adjusting to the changes over the next few races which should result in much cleaner racing.

F1 2011 – Quick Look

With the F1 season getting closer to its final race, Codemasters has brought us the newest iteration of their F1 game. After spending two days on the game and getting caught up in work, I finally have a chance to do a quick look of F1 2011. Among changes from the previous game are the new additions to F1 like KERS and DRS along with a handful of improvements all around. As this video was meant to show off the game and some of its changes, I will be uploading another video covering some pure racing over the weekend.