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Super Meat Boy – Quick Look

Today marks the one year anniversary of the steam release of Super Meat Boy. To mark this, Steam had released a special anniversary bundle which included eight other indie games for a great price. Despite having played this title some time ago on the 360, I could not resist getting my hands on the PC version in anticipation of the soon to be level editor and portal.

On the game level, Super Meat Boy still persists as one of my favorite platformer of all time. It still plays and feels like a classic game, but uses many new technologies to complement it at the same time.  Elements like the controls are somewhat simple, but they are also very tight and responsive. The overall game is quite difficult and challenging like most classic games, but at the same time it’s not extremely punishing about it. Another nice touch is just how smooth and sharp the graphics are which are combined with a great soundtrack.

I could continue going into detail on how well Super Meat Boy nails the old school platformer genre, but what’s the point if this game is a must play?