Scoring Policy

After much planning, discussing and refinement we present you Fraxial Gaming’s scoring system. Our scores are designed to be clear, concise and as objective as possible. As of February 2014 every review published will follow these scoring and review guidelines.


Before beginning the review process we must first be familiar with the game by spending extensive time playing it. We also need to determine if a game requires separate reviews as many deliver drastically different experiences between single-player and multiplayer modes.

For a single-player review this typically means we must complete the game. Usually playing through the main storyline and reaching the credits indicates a completed game. Certain games do not feature defined endings, in that case we will at minimum play 5 to 10 hours to get a strong understanding of the overall mechanics.

Multiplayer games, especially competitive ones, tend to be more complex which typically require a minimum 10 hours. A good indicator that we have the minimum required knowledge is when we start seeing the subtle nuances between various elements and mechanics of the game. Only once we reach this point we can consider starting the review process.


Once we have an intimate grasp of the game we can finally start the review process. The first step is to analyze the overall game and determine how close the developers were to their marketed goals and objectives. We then similarly look at both the actual and envisioned player base this game caters to.

Using this knowledge can then start breaking down various components and analyzing their objective quality. While we don’t explicitly weigh anything specific, we do consider the player base the game is intended for and weigh the elements against their expectations. The better polished and designed key elements are, the better the score.

 The Scores

Score 10 Large

– Ten is our highest score assignable to a game. While no game is perfect, this one sets a new benchmark for years to come. It is nearly flawless in every sense and will surely become a future classic for all to enjoy

Score 9 Large

– A nine is also used for nearly flawless games. While this is quite similar to our highest score, we feel like this game still had potential to push even further and provide an unforgettable experience. Regardless this is still a great game that everybody will enjoy.

Score 8 Large

– An eight is a great and strong game all around. There is the odd quirk here and there but for the most part it should be a solid experience. A good game that most should enjoy.

Score 7 Large

– A seven is still a very good game in most regards. We likely noticed minor design or execution issues which bothered us but it did not stop our enjoyment of the game. We believe that many people will enjoy this game as long as you don’t dislike the genre.

Score 6 Large

– A six points to a good game with potential of scoring higher. It could be a small collection or minor design issues of a few small annoyances that took away some overall enjoyment of the game. At this point we don’t see the masses necessarily enjoying this game, however enthusiast of this genre or franchise should still have a fair amount of fun.

Score 5 Large

– A five is typically more enjoyable than not. There is still some good elements to be found but poor design or execution of others have affected the overall enjoyment of this game. We don’t believe everybody will enjoy this game, strong fans of the genre or franchise could still find potential having said that.

Score 4 Large

– A four is starting to show fundamental design or execution issues with the game. While we don’t see many fundamental issues with the game, the combination of many other poor design or execution issues has significantly compromised the overall quality. At this point we only believe fans of the franchise will find enjoyment of this title.

Score 3 Large

– A three is starting to show many fundamental issues with the game. We are looking at a poor game overall with a few good elements to be found. Even the biggest fans of the franchise will have difficulty completing this game.

Score 2 Large

– A two is nearly a complete failure. The only saving factor is that we found a few positives which are not nearly enough to help the rest of the game. We cannot see and audience we can recommend this game to.

Score 1 Large

– A one is essentially a complete failure. Having said that, this game still functions and should be completable as well. We simply recommend avoiding this game at all costs.

Score 0 Large

– A zero is a special score reserved for problematic games. We reserve this score for games that cannot be completed or played for extended periods of time due to severe technical issues. Due to the nature of ‘alpha’ and early ‘beta’ releases, we will not use this score on games titled as such.

Full disclosure

Every review is also accompanied by a full disclosure section which hosts extra details surrounding each review. Here are some typical details you will find on each review, if ever you wanted more details please let us know;

  • Total playtime, we take pride in fully completing games or spending significant amounts of time playing before beginning a review. We also indicate the source alongside the overall time, occasionally we may need to estimate as we don’t play with a stopwatch.
  • Last played and completion date, occasionally we may not record reviews immediately after completing a game so we indicate the appropriate date.
  • Version and platform, some games may have significant bug fixes, changes or new content in later updates. The platform is also important as occasionally there may be significant differences between PC and consoles.
  • Acquisition method, sometimes developers will be kind enough to provide review copies so we always indicate how we acquired the game.