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This category contains all the Gran Turismo 6 seasonal events. You will find car tunes and setup as well as tips and tricks for each event.

GT6 – Circuito de la Sierra featured this week

Alright another batch of seasonal events up and this week I tested out some new editing software. I’ll have to play around with encoder settings again but I can finally encode videos in real-time which is great.

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GT6 – Experimenting with time and drift trials

Lots of experimentation on this weeks events, especially the Japanese drift trial where I had to perform several attempts before getting a successful run. Unfortunately I still have not setup my preferred x264 encoder so the video quality may not be the best on these events as well.

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GT6 – A-Spec events on a new setup.

Alright calling Windows 10 a new setup might be a bit of a stretch. Having said that, I did perform a fresh install which means I have to re-install all my software. While I had backed up everything important there is always the odd stuff I never think about. Sure enough my workspace setups for many applications would be one I forgot, while they are easily replaceable it still takes several minutes rebuilding them for each application. Along the same line of thought I also managed to forget the custom x264 plugin I have used in Sony Vegas over the past couple months. While my settings are saved the actual plugin installation was quite finicky last time around and unfortunately I did’t have the time to try it again this time around. Hopefully everything should be back to normal sometime next week.

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GT6 – Race cars and muscle cars

A nice selection of seasonal events this week featuring classic american cars and various racecars. Brands Hatch shows up twice while the other events make use of Trial Mountain and Grand Valley. Unfortunately I forgot to capture audio for the last drift event however I don’t expect it to skip out on much crucial information.

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GT6 – Goodwood and SRT events

Finally caught up with the latest batch of seasonal events featuring the Goodwood Festival of Speed and three versions of the SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo car. Pretty tough set of events this week but as usual you can read on for a video of each event!

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