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Like the category would indicate, this is all about full game reviews.

Quantum Conundrum – Quick Look + Review

Quantum Conundrum is a neat puzzle game that puts you in control of four physics altering dimensions. At first glance you may assume this game is heavily influenced by Valve’s Portal franchise, however this does make sense when you consider both titles share the same lead designer. While both games have their similarities, there are many more more differences which make Quantum Conundrum a unique experience.

Machinarium – Review

Machinarium is a game that flawlessly combines its point-and-click adventure gameplay with some cleaver puzzles found on every screen of the game. Despite being a bit short and a few years old, I still thoroughly enjoyed every hour of the game and highly recommend it to everyone else.

If you wish to give the game a try, there is a live flash demo available on their website here :

Mass Effect 3 – Review [Spoilers]

It has been several weeks since our last video and website update, but fear not we have remained active the whole time. To start off our return to more posts, I present you my latest review of Mass Effect 3. Actually it’s not so much of a review as it is my thoughts on the overall game along with that controversial ending.

It is worth mentioning that there are spoilers in this video around the 12:50 mark and this will ruin the ending of the game if you do care about it. You may also notice a distinct lack of gameplay footage in this video. Despite requesting permission from EA a few times, they have constantly denied our request and refuse to provide a reasoning behind it. As that is somewhat of an issue when it comes to a video review, I decided to pull out my Wacom tablet so I could draw around that issue.