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Quick looks are brief gameplay videos combined with some commentary. These videos are usually within the first hour of a game.

Mechanic Escape – Quitting Review + Quick Look

As I work my way through a large backlog of games on Steam, I have started to realize that I am not required to play every single one to completion. Over the years I have accumulated a significant collection of games via various sales and bundle deals. Mechanic Escape came from one of those game bundles and as you can imagine from the title, it is also one of those I will not be playing to completion anytime soon.

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SimCity (2013) – Quick Look

After several days of connectivity issues of varying degree, we finally get a chance to take a quick look of the new SimCity game without any disconnects. Unfortunately we where not able to run through several online features as they have been disables to help reduce the server load. Despite these issues, the game has been fairly enjoyable and features some great mechanics and simulation.

Quantum Conundrum – Quick Look + Review

Quantum Conundrum is a neat puzzle game that puts you in control of four physics altering dimensions. At first glance you may assume this game is heavily influenced by Valve’s Portal franchise, however this does make sense when you consider both titles share the same lead designer. While both games have their similarities, there are many more more differences which make Quantum Conundrum a unique experience.

Machinarium – Quick Look

This week we take a quick look at a very cool point-and-click adventure/puzzle game called Machinarium. The game does not feature any dialogue or text, instead it relies on a great art style and equally good soundtrack. From the several hours I have spent on the game, I am still amazed at how good this game really is.

I highly recommend giving the online demo a try which is available on visit Amanita Design’s website here :

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Quick Look

Following our Fraxial Show, we had recorded a Quick Look on Chivalry : Medival Warfare. Unfortunately due to technical issues, Nick had to record a new episode on his own as Mike could not join in again.

Chivalry is a neat first-person medival combat game that is powered by the Unreal 3 engine. While there are a few rough edges, the game does look good and plays fairly well. While we didn’t agree on the 30$ price during our original show, the Steam sale price of 12.50$ was more than reasonable.

Need for Speed Most Wanted – Quick Look and Mini Review

With the recent release of the new Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012 game) both Mike and Nick give their first impressions of the game and its multiplayer features. We both played the PS3 1 hour demo available for Playstation Plus subscribers. Please note we did run into technical issues with the recording, we tried to minimize the issues as best as we could.

From the short amount of time Nick and I (Mike) played the game, we were both impressed despite our initial hesitations during last week’s Fraxial Show. Upon launching the game, the first thing that came to mind was Criterion’s Burnout Paradise. This title released early in 2008 was a complete re-imagination of the Burnout series with many new features including a large open map and streamlined multiplayer mode. Not only was Paradise well regarded upon release, the long term support with major updates and free content kept players in the game several months after it hit the shelves.

Why is Burnout Paradise so significant in this latest Need for Speed title? To answer this, we must go through a quick history lesson of the NFS franchise. The first two titles were generally positive, however it was only after the successful release of Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit in 1998 that the franchise became universally recognized. The success continued through the three following releases which brings us to the 2002 title, NFS: Hot Pursuit II. Now depending who you talk to, some will agree that this is the peak of the franchise while others will ignore the two following NFS Underground titles and state that NFS Most Wanted (2005 game) was the last good release.

At this point in time the Need for Speed franchise started its slow decline. With two releases essentially re-hashing the previous one (Underground/Underground 2, Most Wanted/Carbon) followed by an awkward attempt at realistic simulation with Pro Street, players had started moving onto other series such as Burnout, Forza and Gran Turismo. Of course this ties in perfectly with EA purchasing Criterion in 2004 who released the following three games with great success;  Burnout 3: Takedown (2004), Burnout Revenge (2005) and then Burnout Paradise (2008).

By this time EA realized that their prized racing franchise was declining due to overworking Black Box Studios. This inevitably led us to the 2010 release of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit by Criterion Games which was regarded as a savior to the series. Unfortunately a year later we got a massively disappointing followup with NFS: The Run.

Come June 2012, EA had handed off the Need for Speed franchise to Criterion so they could continue development of the next title. With them in the lead, we essentially received what many fans were asking for: Burnout Paradise II.

We would love any feedback on both the Quick Look video and Mini Review on the website, please let us know what you think. If all goes to plan, we should be releasing a video next week based off of the Mini Review above.