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The Fraxial Show – Episode 1.5 -[Diablo III]-

Since we weren’t able to contain ourselves over the long-awaited and extremely hyped release of Diablo III, we had to post a new video featuring the game a little early. Thus, we dubbed this episode number 1.5. Incidentally, we’ll be posting new episodes of The Fraxial Show every Wednesday from now on, as it’s most convenient for both of us. Look forward to next week’s video, which will feature even more Diablo 3 fun and some more lively discussion!

The Fraxial Show – Episode 1

Good news everyone! We’ve decided to start a new weekly series called The Fraxial Show. Each week, we’ll post a new video of us playing any game we choose while talking about news in gaming, what we’ve been playing recently as well as just general discussion. It will be in the format of a podcast and we invite you to offer suggestions for content you’d like to hear about or which game you’d like to see us play for the following week.

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Battlefield 3 Co-op – Operation Exodus

Even though the game has been out for a while, we both decided it was time to post a video featuring the co-op element of Battlefield 3. Surprisingly enough, the co-op missions are quite fun and offer a serious challenge – very different from the multiplayer. This video features Operation Exodus, the first co-op mission in the game. Your mission is to go out and kill a bunch of enemies while your armored jeeps sit back and watch. Sounds easy? Click and watch to see just how frenzied the action gets.