GRID Autosport – Review

Normally I follow up my video reviews with some sort of extended discussion however this time I’ll keep things relatively short.

In my 40+ hours playing GRID Autosport I have come to the conclusion that it is a phenomenal racing game that straddles the fine line between arcade and simulator. While the lack of activities beyond simply racing may lose appeal towards casual players, even casual fans of the genre will appreciate the effort and detail put in by the folks over at Codemasters.

In terms of content and structure, GRID Autosport is a very simple and straightforward game. Jumping into the career mode greets you with 5 disciplines to choose from where each one will focus on different circuits, cars and driving styles. Unlike your Forza and Gran Turismo style games, GRID simply presents you some events to choose from where the sponsors handle cars and modifications for you. From that point on you simply need to race and hit as many goals as possible to move forwards through the career. The overall target is to win the final championship which is only unlocked once you reach a high enough level in each discipline.

Thankfully GRID does provide a ton of content to make that straight racing approach work. The career events start off with lower power cars and short/simple track layouts to accommodate new players to the game. As you gain experience you will find yourself racing with faster cars and longer tracks until you reach a point where you are driving the fastest cars out there on full on circuits. There is so much variety that I rarely found myself using the same car or racing the same track more than twice in several hour long playing sessions which was rather enjoyable.

Of course the most significant part of GRID Autosport is the overall gameplay feeling you get from driving cars right on the edge. There are very few racing games out there that deliver such a satisfying feeling without punishing you for pushing cars so hard. I found myself constantly wanting to go back to GRID simply because I could get away with driving on the absolute edge all the time. The best part of this is the fact I almost exclusively played with a controller and never felt the need to pull out the steering wheel.

Overall GRID Autosport may not be the most engaging game for more casual players however most racing fans can absolutely find some fun with this game. As a racing simulator enthusiast I found the game was deeply satisfying and really fun to play casually too. While the previous games in the series didn’t leave a good impression, this one absolutely nailed it and I can highly recommend it to anybody interested in it.