Gods Eater Burst – Review

After many weeks I have finally taken the time to review Gods Eater Burst. Playing through this PSP game has been quite a long and interesting experience. Read on for my  video review and some final thoughts.

Plus – The Good

  • A huge amount of missions.
  • Interesting storyline.
  • Good visuals for a PSP game.

Minus – The Bad

  • Very repetitive as there is next to no variety.
  • Filler missions slow down the story progression.
  • Overall game took twice as long as it needed to be.

Score 6 Large – The Verdict

As you will have heard in my video review, my main complaint is that Gods Eater Burst is a very long game. While you don’t necessarily need to complete every mission, the game does push you to complete a large amount of them which leads to heavy repetition. Additional variety would have certainly been welcome but it still does not solve the issue.

Out of the 200 some missions available, around 80 of them are story missions. To progress through the game you will typically need to complete several non-story missions as well. Now early game some missions can be completed within 5 minutes, they quickly ramp up to around 15 minutes. As the game progresses it isn’t uncommon to break the 20 or even 30 minute barrier which rather quickly add up to a total playtime exceeding 40 hours.

I didn’t discuss this in the video review since I wanted to keep it simple but the pacing and quantity needs a bit of attention too. Even if the game would have improved variety and reduced some of the required missions, the story would still progress rather slowly for a fair period of time. During my playthrough it felt like the story would only progress every few missions which ends up being every hour or two. Sure there was some bits of dialogue after some story missions but it  felt like there only a dozen or so primary cut-scenes that actually went in depth story wise.

Overall the game was still enjoyable as I previously stated. It showed promise in many ways but it also seemed to focus on total play time over everything else. I certainly don’t mind very long games, in fact I tend to like them quite a bit. In this case it would have been nice to have an equal amount of story and variety along the way.

Full disclosure

  • Play time: Over 45 hours.

  • Completion: Completed all story missions.

  • Last played:  January, 2014.

  • Version: Latest as of January 2014.

  • Platform: PlayStation Vita.

  • Acquisition: Free via PS+ subscription.