The Cave – Review

At first glance The Cave did not seem particularly impressive but coming from Double Fine should at the very least make it an interesting game. As with most games I went ahead and jumped into it without any prior knowledge of what I was getting into. Luckily for me the overall experience was quite enjoyable, read on to watch and read my overall feelings regarding this adventure, puzzle-platformer based game.

Plus – The Good

  • Good overall story and design.
  • Enjoyable narrator and dark humor.
  • Fitting visuals and aesthetics

Minus – The Bad

  • Certain puzzles can be quite difficult.
  • Game provides minimal assistance if stuck.
  • Extra narration could fill in the dead spots.

Score 8 Large – The Verdict

In the end, The Cave is a competent game all around without any big and obvious low points. The game is solid all around with the overall narration, design and aesthetics being the high points of my experience.

Whilst the game has many strong points, there were a few dips during my journey through The Cave. Certain areas did consume a fair amount of time which were void of any dialogue, a few extra random lines from the narrator could have helped in those cases. I also have concerns over the difficulty of certain puzzles and a seemingly lack of assistance provided too. Now I don’t expect many older players who have played point-and-click adventure games to struggle through these sections, however the younger audience may need to consult a walkthrough a few times to progress onto the next area. On the subject of younger players, the game was simply not designed with them in mind so they will most likely miss the charm found within the dark humor presented throughout the tour.

I enjoyed exploring the dark side during my tours of The Cave. Some challenges were certainly more difficult than expected, however my twenty plus years of gaming pulled me through those sections rather quickly. While I cannot recommend this game for the younger audience, most high school graduates will find some fun in this one.


Full disclosure

  • Play time: Around 6 hours.

  • Completion: Completed 6 of 7characters

  • Last played:  May 26th, 2014

  • Version: 1.01

  • Platform: PS3

  • Acquisition: Free via PS+ subscription