Joe Danger 2: The Movie – Review

Joe Danger 2: The Movie was quoted as being ‘kind of’ a sequel to the original racing platformer, Joe Danger. With a bunch of new content this time around, does the sequel live up to expectations? Find out by hitting the jump below to see our full video review.

Plus – The Good

  • Interesting idea with the movie scenes.
  • Simple and responsive controls.

Minus – The Bad

  • Load times are long and frequent.
  • Memorization based gameplay, no real challenge.
  • Very repetitive with little variety.

Score 6 Large – The Verdict

Joe Danger 2: The Movie certainly has potential for being great game, unfortunately there are several anchors dragging down the overall experience. On the technical front the long load times break the progression flow, especially during the first half where the levels are short and easy. When the difficulty ramps up in the latter half you will need to memorize the levels as distant or even non-existent checkpoints can be quite brutal, fortunately there is no wait when a quick restart is needed.

However not all is bad, the fairly forgiving trick system and simple controls will definitely suit the most casual of players out there. The idea of being a stunt man and running various movie scenes is quite interesting but I would like to have a new director next time around.

Did I miss the point of the game? Approaching it from both a hardcore and casual angle reveals different and significant flaws which dampened my overall experience. While I enjoyed some parts, I couldn’t stop thinking how much better the rest could have been.


Full disclosure

  • Play time: Around 2h 30m.

  • Completion: Completed 5 of 6 acts and 4 of 5 extras. Passed 28 of 42 levels with 43% of full completion.

  • Last played:  April 9th, 2014

  • Version: 1.02

  • Platform: PS3

  • Acquisition: Free via PS+ subscription

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