The Fraxial Show: Ep.88

This week on the show we discuss some Xbox One megatons dropped by an insider, the newly released AMD Mantle API as well as upcoming free games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Games With Gold.

Show Links

Game Releases

Adam’s Venture ChroniclesPS32/4/2014
DustforcePS3, Vita2/4/2014
Fable Anniversary3602/4/2014
King OddballVita2/4/2014
Surge DeluxeVita2/4/2014
The Sun at NightPC2/4/2014
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 – Smoke and MirrorsPC, Mac, PS3, 3602/4/2014
Bravely Default3DS2/7/2014
Bravely Default (Collector’s Edition)3DS2/7/2014
The LEGO Movie VideogamePS3, PS4, 360, XBone, WiiU, Vita 3DS2/7/2014