The Fraxial Show: Episode 60

With the Steam Summer Sale officially over, we’ve got a ton of new games to make videos with! This week, we play a neat game called Monaco. As for news this week, it’s been pretty quiet; we only have word that Sony dropped its original plan to have all sorts of biometric sensors on their PS4 controllers, that the MAG and Socom servers are shutting down within the next year and that Sony is auctioning off a bunch of props in exchange for PS3 trophies. Tune in for all the info. A quick look of Monaco will be posted tomorrow.

Game Releases:

Hot Shots Golf: World InvitationalPS3Jul 23, 2013
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the DarkPS3, VitaJul 23, 2013
The Serious Sam Collection360Jul 23, 2013
The Raven: Legacy of a Master ThiefPC, MacJul 23, 2013
The Smurfs 2PS3, 360, WiiU, WiiJul 23, 2013
NASCAR: The Game 2013PCJul 24, 2013
Roll in the HoleVitaJul 24, 2013
Advantage MathPCJul 25, 2013
Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the FlameAndroid, iOSJul 25, 2013
Rugby Challenge 2 (The Lions Tour Edition)PCJul 25, 2013
Shadowrun ReturnsPCJul 25, 2013
Mars: War Logs360Jul 26, 2013