Grand Theft Auto IV Awesome Mods

Below is a list of all the mods I have installed and links to them. Here goes:

  • ASI Loader – You NEED this file to run the mods.
  • ScriptHook – This one is also necessary.
  • Simple Native Trainer – Gives you the menu overlay to spawn cars, enable cheats, etc.
  • Mild ENB Mod – Visual overlay to improve graphics.
  • NYC Mega Car Pack – (Includes ELS and other mods as extras)
  • Liberty City Textures Volume 1 (by DKT70) – Includes better road textures and city textures in the downtown part of the game are improved. The rest of the city is untouched.
  • Splinter Cell Double Agent Pack – Character model pack. Includes several variations. I was using v1 in the video.
  • Killer Technique Pack – Special fighting moves, including flips, throwing bricks, the sword, and burning people.
  • First Person Mod
  • OpenIV – This is a tool you’ll need to install some of the mods. It’s used to replace certain files. Read each mod’s included Readme file to know which ones need it.
  • TrafficLoad – You’ll need this to fix the taxi bug (too many taxis) after installing the car pack.

Please be sure to read all of the included Readme files for each of the mods before installing. Of course, before you copied any mods over to your install directory, you made sure to backup your game properly in case of any problems. If you have any issues with the mods, we can’t help resolve them and we take no responsibility for any damage to your PC or for making your game unplayable. With that said, all of these mods have been personally tested by myself, so if you install them correctly, you should not run into any issues. Note that I am running on the latest patch of GTA IV ( I cannot guarantee or vouch that these mods will work on any of the EFLC games. For my PC specs, click on my profile at the top of the page.

Hope you enjoy the mods! It makes the game a lot more fun!



  • Ural Lisa

    It’s good. i like it,it i can beat the living shit outa peop[le

  • Jack

    Could you try doing some weapon and more script mods if you make another video of the same Genre.

  • Oggy997

    i download nyc car pack but it says that archive is broken :/ an i waited all day cuz download is very slow and i got good wi-fi connection

  • Jacob Melton

    I know why the texture popping occurs. It may be because of the Trafficload. When i have it on it causes it

  • All I need help with nick is that I dont know how to get Realistic Mod on My Grand Theft Auto IV. Can you help me please?????

  • Hi nick its me Tyler medina who watched your video Just 10 Mins ago And I need help with my Grand theft auto IV

  • All I need help with is that I dont know how to get realistic mod on my game

    • XGM

      If you are having issues copying files to the right place, look around for one of the many great GTA IV modding tutorials. We will eventually make a video one day when we have time,

  • Do these work with TBOGT?

    • XGM

      Most of these mods should have newer versions that do work, you would need to look up each mod individually as some do not work with TBOGT.

    • not sure but im 80% sure thy do

  • I notice you have a “traffic load” to fix the taxi bug, I hav been looking around quite abit and this is the only one I could find, but theres one problem, I have already got car packs etc and I thing the amount im going to install and replace and the ice enhansers im installing I think it would be a great idea, will it work or is it spasific to these mods you have. PS loving the character mods and the sword TY .

  • Erik Hahn

    Hi, could you please tell me how to install the Car Pack, because I copied the pc and common and traffic load folder to the GTAIV file but after the loading screens the game does crash. 

    • Anonymous

      you should have made a backup of your game and i fyou have just put back the original files in to your game directory

  • it ewont let me download the ASI loader

    • XGM

      Most of the mods linked are outdated by now. Unfortunately we cannot continually maintain them so please search for a newer release of the ASI loader.

  • Can you make a tutorial video on how to install Killer Technique Pack? I don’t seem to be installing it correctly. Please reply ASAP

  • Thanks so much for the mods. <— Sarcasm

    now I cant access multiplayer v_v

  • christian valentin

    where do i get the sword ?

  • wfq

    whats the burn mod

  • how to install it

  • zack nash

    I cant download any mods i keep gettin lost connection for dat web can you send me a link to another or can somebody help?

    • XGM

      I would recommend searching for newer versions since these mods are almost a year old.

  • Raul

    Please Help Skype Raul Espinoza Youtube raul espinoza Facebook Espinoza Raul

  • Is this for Xbox?

    • James

      no, PC only

  • Max Svensson

    when my downloads are ready can i use the mods then ?

  • Mark Branch

    Ho do I download the game on pc? Its the only thing I don’t have access to.