Skyrim Ultra HD Mods

Here’s a list of Skyrim mods that make the game look far nicer than it normally does. It astounds me how the community has come up with such high quality mods to the game despite it being released less than two months ago.

If you’re interested in installing these mods yourself, you’ll need to visit the Skyrim Nexus and create an account there. From that point, I suggest you install the the Nexus Mod Manager to properly download and install the mods. I’ll post a video later as a tutorial on how to use it. Below, I have provided the links to the visual mods I’m currently using. You’ll need a fairly beefy rig to run these properly. For a list of my specs, click here. I run the game with mods at ultra settings at around 40-50 FPS.

Here’s a list of the mods:

Please note that some of these mods have files that overlap each other (some are the same or similar). The way I installed mine was exactly in the order I have them listed, and I overwrote all the files when prompted.