Grand Theft Auto IV Realistic Mods Vol.2

Hey folks, hope you enjoy this update video to the one I posted a few months ago with GTA IV realism mods. This one features Icenhancer 1.35, WTC 0.3, Superman mod, and a brand new HD car pack. All the links for the mods are included below.

Before installing anything, please make sure your game is updated to the latest version, It may not work otherwise.

First thing you will need is the Simple Native Trainer, along with a few other files:

Next, you will need the other mods:

To install these, all you have to do is extract the files and copy them over to your Grand Theft Auto IV folder. Depending on whether you have the retail or Steam version, it will be located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\grand theft auto iv.

Be sure to install these one at a time and run the game after each one to verify that it still works properly. If for some reason, you experience crashes or instability, you will know which mod is causing the issue. I’ve personally tested all of these myself and have had no issues, but if for some reason you do, check the Readme files to be sure you installed everything properly. Also, be smart and make a backup of your game before installing ANY mods.

Credit for the mods should go to their respective authors. I do not claim authorship for any of these myself.

Update: Due to the recent take down of Megaupload, some of these mods are not available. It is up to the respective authors of the mods to re-upload them elsewhere.

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  1. helo , plz i want the hd car pack… coz multiiupload is down and if there is a newer version plz mention the link

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