BPGE #18 – System Shock

The final game this week is quite the interesting title. It combined RPG elements into a first person, story driven, action-adventure game. Without going into detail, System Shock was quite an advanced and impressive game for it’s time. When you consider that even 17 years later the game still feels modern and continues to influence the industry, you know they did something right. Of course the only thing that prevents me from making this a must play title are the awkward controls inherited from Ultima Underworld. Unless you played some of these yearly first person games, the odd control scheme can be quite frustrating to play with. If you wish to give it a try, read on for some installation instructions.

In this video we played the game through DOSBox. You will need a copy of the game from you favorite abandonware website (http://www.abandonia.com/) and a copy of DOSBox too (http://www.dosbox.com/).

  • Start by placing the game in a easy to access folder.
  • Use the following guide to install, start and mount said folder in DOSBox – http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Basic_Setup_and_Installation_of_DosBox
  • From the game folder change to the INST folder – cd INST
  • Run the installer – INITIAL.EXE
  • This should install and move you to a folder called SSHOCK on C:\
  • From there you can run the installer to setup the sound card. – INSTALL.EXE
  • Choose ‘Sound Blaster Pro’ for both options and make sure to ‘Save Settings and Exit’.
  • You can launch the game using CDSHOCK.BAT
  • Enjoy !!