BPGE #17 – SimCity 2000

Out of the many Sim titles that have been make, SimCity is one of the few to have gained a fair amount of popularity. Following the success from the previous title, SimCity 2000 introduced an isometric view along with several improvements and new features.  While this game was quite popular and significant at the time, I cannot help but recommend playing the more modern SimCity 3000. Either way, if you wish to give this version a try, read on for some installation instructions.As this game is still commercially sold, I would recommend going with the Windows release from Good Old Games (http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/simcity_2000_special_edition). If you still have the original disk, you can play it via DOSBox as we did.

  • Start by placing the game in a easy to access folder.
  • Use the following guide to install, start and mount said folder in DOSBox – http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Basic_Setup_and_Installation_of_DosBox
  • Once in the game folder, start the installation with INSTALL.EXE
  • You can run a custom installation to specify the folder. Remember this folder is relative to DOSBox, so it will be installed under the folder you mounted from Windows.
  • For music sound source, hit more and select Sound Blaster Pro 1.
  • For the other sound option, hit more and also select Sound Blaster Pro.
  • The installer should end in the game folder, by default this is C:\SC2000
  • Start the game with SC2000.BAT
  • Enjoy !!