BPGE #16 – Sid Meier’s Colonization

Game sixteen on the list is Sid Meier’s Colonization. The game focuses on founding a new colony and slowly expanding to the point where you gain independence. To do so, you will need to trade and manage the resources in your towns to ensure their survival. You can trade between your own towns, other neighboring ones or even the country you left from. The game does play quite a bit like Civilization if you take the mentioned gameplay elements into account. In the end I would recommend looking into the 2008 remake as opposed to this version as it runs on the much newer Civilization IV engine.

If you do wish to play this original Dos/Windows version, here is how we did it. You will need both a copy of the game from you favourite abandonware website (http://www.abandonia.com) and a copy of DOSBox (http://www.dosbox.com/).

  • Start by placing the game in a easy to access folder.
  • Use the following guide to install, start and mount said folder in DOSBox – http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Basic_Setup_and_Installation_of_DosBox
  • Change to the game folder and start the game installer by typing INSTALL.EXE
  • The game should be installing to C:\MPS\COLONIZE. This will be inside of the mounted DOSBox folder in Windows.
  • When the soundcard option shows up, choose SounBlaster Pro (later) both times and exit the installer.
  • You should be back in DOS under the game folder, if not change to C:\MPS\COLONIZE
  • Start the game with COLONIZE.BAT
  • Enjoy !!