BPGE #15 – Syndicate

The original 1993 release of Syndicate marks the final game for this week. Syndicate is a real-time tactical game played in an isometric view. Compared to the upcoming reboot of the series, the new game will be a first person shooter which is quite a contrast for the series. Your task is to take over the world and to do so, you will have to complete the objective in each region. The objectives can vary in nature so you will need to equip your four agents accordingly for the task at hand. The game has become somewhat simplistic compared to our modern day standards, but it can still provide an interesting challenge on the first playthrough. If this game interests you, read on for some installation instructions.

In our video we played the DOS version of Syndicate with DOSBox. To play the game you will need a copy of it from your favourite abandonware website (http://abandonia.com/) and you will also need DOSBox (http://www.dosbox.com/).