BPGE #14 – Frontier: Elite II

Frontier: Elite II is a space trading game set in a completely open universe. When I say completely open, the game has no missions, story or ending for that matter. Being a space trading game, you should ideally start trading resources for profit but how you proceed with this is entirely up to you. Do note that in our video I only did a quick trip from Mars to Earth which is a pretty short trip considering the massive scale of the game. There are many other planetary systems accessible in the game via hyperspace jumps which is important as you can start developing trade routes this way. If you wish to try out the game please read on for some instructions on how to do so.In our video we used a port that used OpenGL called GLFrontier. You will need GLFrontier and WinRAR to play the game.

  • Download and install WinRAR from http://rarlab.com/
  • Download and extract GLFrontier from http://tom.noflag.org.uk/glfrontier.html
  • The included ‘GLFrontier hi-rez’ shortcut may not work. You can either modify it with the proper path or create a new one and add –size 960 at the end.
  • For example, this is my shortcut – “Z:\Top PC Games\014\glfrontier\glfrontier.exe” –size 960
  • The following website has a useful guide to get started on playing the game http://www.sharoma.com/frontierverse/