BPGE #13 – Doom

This week starts off with one of the biggest landmarks in gaming with a game called Doom. The game is massively important in the history of gaming in several ways. The popularity of the first person shooter can be credited to the massive popularity Doom brought to it. Things like 3D graphics, multiplayer gaming and modding where also pioneered by this very game. At this point if you have not played the game, read on for some instructions on how to do so.

Please be aware that the game is still a commercial title which can be purchased on Steam. There is a shareware version available if you wish to give that a try, you can get the WAD file here http://zdoom.org/wiki/IWAD. You will also need Zdoom which can be found on their official website http://zdoom.org/News.

  • Download and install/copy ZDoom to your desired location.
  • Download and copy the WAD file into the same ZDoom directory.
  • Double-click zdoom.exe to launch the game.