BPGE #11 – Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Our second game this week happens to be the second Ultima title on the list. Unlike the spinoff we played yesterday, Ultima VII keeps the traditional isometric view from the previous games. Marking the beginning of a third age in the series, Ultima VII is regarded as the best title in the series. Unfortunately due to the games size and story driven nature, I only spent a few minutes at the beginning to showcase what this game is all about. If this game interests you, read on to see how we got the game running.

For this game we used a open source engine/wrapper called Exult. This makes playing the game easier and faster compared to using Dosbox. You will need to download the engine from their official website http://exult.sourceforge.net/. You will also need a copy of the game, this can be found on your favourite abandonware website such as http://www.abandonia.com/.

Exult should provide all the information needed to get the game running. You essentially need to place the game in a folder and point to it during the installation.