BPGE #10 – Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

This week we kick things off with a very important RPG game called Ultima Underworld. I will never be able to do this game justice as I never played it back in the day, however I can appreciate how technologically advanced this game was for it’s time. Not only was the 3D engine massively ambitious in it’s day, the entire gameplay side was also pretty neat for it’s time. You could choose many different skills, spells and a large array of equipment that would help you complete the game. Ultima Underworld was a truly open dungeon based RPG which has since influenced many new games after its release, even fifteen years later. Read on for install instructions.

You will need both a copy of the game and Dosbox to run it. The game can be found on most abandonware websites such as http://www.abandonia.com/. Dosbox can be found at http://www.dosbox.com/.