Custom Craft Ep.14 – Desert Strike

This week we play Desert Strike, a tug of war custom map that has been enjoying the front page for quite some time. This 3v3 tug of war map is quite simple to play, but it does require some strategy to start getting good at it. The aim of the game is to beat the oppositions army, so you have several building choices which each have their own specific units. The challenge here is that you have a steady income rate and a limited amount of space to place these structures, so being space efficient is very important on this map. Beyond that, the rest of the game is all about finding a good build that will counter both the wave you are attacking into and the wave following that. Since all the other players are essentially doing the same thing, you will need to come up with some clever strategies to win the game. Read on for further information concerning this map.

Map image

NameDesert Strike
Tested Versionv0.78 - Nov 14th
Type6 Players, 3v3 - Tug Of War
Official Website