BPGE #6 – Sensible Soccer

 Sensible Soccer is one of the few sports games that made the list. A you can imagine, this game was not only massively popular on release, it also had great reviews to back it’s great success. By todays standards the game is quite simplistic in every way possible, but don’t be fooled as initially it can be quite difficult to play. Check out the brief video to see what I mean. If what you see does interest you, read on for some installation instructions.

This video was made using the DOS version, however I will note that the Amiga version is also available. You will need a copy of the game and Dosbox

1. Find a copy of the game – http://www.abandonia.com/

2. Download and install Dosbox – http://www.dosbox.com/

3. Start Dosbox and mount the game folder – http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Basic_Setup_and_Installation_of_DosBox

4. Once in the game folder, use ‘INSTALL.EXE’ to configure the controls.

5. Launch the game using ‘SENSIBLE.EXE’