Custom Craft Ep.13 – Gem TD

In the past few episodes I have tried to avoid tower defense games as they don’t tend to be very original. However Gem TD has climbed up the ranks has been sitting among the top five most popular custom maps for some time now. To be in such a position, most games need to be fun, challenging and most importantly original. Starting with that last point, the first three rounds I played where quite rough as most tower defense games tend to concentrate on the maze creation or the tower combinations. While Gem TD merges these two together quite well, it must be said that the maze portion becomes very easy once you adopt the standard strategy that most use. In terms of fun and challenge you have three modes along with five difficulties to choose from. Now the choices are not actually votes because this is not a PvP tower defense game, instead its entirely based on a persistent high score which you can show off when joining new games. It’s an interesting take on the tower defense style of game, but overall it is quite enjoyable and well done.

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Map image

NamesGem TD
Tested Versionv3.3 - Nov 6th
Type8 Players - Tower Defense
Official Website