BPGE #3 – Red Baron

Game number three on the list is a WWI combat flight simulator called Red Baron. This was the first time I had played the game and despite its age, I came away quite surprised with all what it had to offer. There is a wide range of simulation options such as carburettor icing, damage and even bleeding if the pilot gets hit by shrapnel. There is also a good variety of missions and even a campaign mode that I showed off in the video. However the best part of the game was the balance between having fun while remaining challenging. Even after all these years, there are plenty of newer games that still struggle with that aspect which greatly dampens the overall gameplay. If this game interests you, read on for instructions on how to find and play the game. 

In our video, I played the DOS release of Red Baron. You will need Dosbox and a copy of the game which can easily be found on many abandonware websites.

1. Find a copy on your favourite abandonware site, or go to http://www.abandonia.com

2. Download and extract the game into a folder, note its location as you will need it in just a second.

3. Follow these Dosbox instructions and use the location where you extracted the game : http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Basic_Setup_and_Installation_of_DosBox

4. Once you mounted that folder in Dosbox, launch the game by typing BARON

5. I recommend increasing the CPU cycles anywhere above 8,000. You can do that by pressing CTRL + F12.