BPGE #2 – Nethack

Game number two on our list of the best PC games ever is Nethack. Like many other rogue-like games, this one operates on a fairly simple concept. You start the game and create your hero and from there on you will need to traverse about 50 levels, most of which are randomly generated with every game. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic graphics and gameplay demonstrated as this game can become very difficult and unforgiving. Read on for some the download links.

As this game is still being developed, I will not directly link to the download page. The following instructions where made for version 3.4.3.

1. Visit the website – http://www.nethack.org/index.html

2. Find the “Current Version” section near the top. Click on the link below it.

3. Below the map image there should be a “Downloads” link, click it.

4. Under the “Official binary releases” click the appropriate OS, we used Windows.

5. There should be five steps on the website, please follow them.