Custom Craft Ep.12 – HotS Custom – Metalopolis

Last week Blizzard previewed the changes to come in Heart Of The Swarm to all BlizzConn attendees. As you can imagine, many people including us could not attend the event. While the special build of the game was not made available outside of BlizzCon, there is a close alternative available right now. I will be going over the changes shown at BlizzCon on this custom Heart Of The Swarm map.  Read on for more details on this set of custom maps.

I originally discovered these custom maps from the following post on /r/starcraft :

** Note that since creating this video there has been an update fixing several issues. Please use the following post on TeamLiquid to keep track of these maps :

Map Images

NamesHotS Custom - Metalopolis
HotS Custom - Antiga Shipyard
HotS Custom - Tal'Darim Altar
HotS Custom - Shakuras Plateau
Tested Versionv0.82 - Oct 30th
Type2-4 Players - Modified ladder map.