Battlefield 3 Multiplayer – First Impressions

One of the biggest and most anticipated shooters has been released today. I had to stay up late for this one, but the last three hours spent on Battlefield 3 where quite interesting.

After a rough showing from the beta, the final release does deliver the refined and polished gameplay, graphics and sound effects we have been expecting. As a BF2 veteran, this latest Battlefield certainly deserves its sequel title. While the core part of the game is quite brilliant, the whole website based server browser and party system leaves much to be desired.  Like the beta, three of us at Fraxial still had intermittent issues with getting the server browser working. Even more disappointing is the party system that still does not work, leaving us with the option to manually join a game and hope that we can auto-join the same squad once loaded up.

Many of these issues seem to be browser centric as the three of us where getting mixed results from one browser to another. This is a case where sticking with the common in-game platform would eliminate most of these problems. While we are not thrilled with these issues, the overall gameplay experience remains excellent. Expect more updates as we will also be giving the single-player and co-op modes a try.