Custom Craft Ep.11 – Last Stand Alpha

Another episode of Custom Craft and this week I play a map named Last Stand. Despite being in beta, this wave based survival map has managed to climb among the ten most popular custom maps. To defend from the multiple waves of enemies, you have a wide choice of units and structures to choose from. To further fortify your defenses, you also have several research levels and options you will need to perform. However it is worth mentioning that the balance isn’t quite right at this moment which makes most of these choices less then ideal. Similar to other survival maps, this balance issue ends up removing the need for any strategy as you can easily defend with two types of units. This has a secondary effect of dragging on the games for much too long while the incoming waves slowly erode your forces. Keep in mind that this game is just a proof of concept alpha build, so it does show some potential once things start getting balanced out.

If this map interests you, read on for more information and how to find it.

Map Image

NameLast Stand Alpha
Tested Versionv3.145 - Updated Oct 22nd
Type1-8 Player - Wave based survival