Custom Craft Ep.10 – Special Forces: Elite

This week on Custom Craft, I start the video about a quarter of the way into a game of Special Forces: Elite. The idea behind this custom map is fairly simple and straightforward, you have to defend your base and clear out the zerg infested map. Right when you and your teammates start with a random low tier unit, the steady flow of zerg units are already making their way to your base. Read on for more more information.

While the first zerg spawn point isnt very strong, it is fairly close to the base and you can quickly become surrounded if you don’t pay attention. From here on the game pace is entirely up to you. Every time you destroy the zerg spawn, the next one becomes active and begins spawning stronger units.

In terms of strategy, there isn’t really much to talk about. Every Zerg kill generates money and money is used for upgrades and building new Terran and Protoss units. You can easily turtle up with the moderately strong Zerg spawns and max out the upgrades. If you want to quickly end the game in thirty minutes, grab a cloaked unit and sprint to the end of the map where you mind control one of the strongest units Zerg have. This should allow you to rapidly wipe out 3/4 of the map and then the rest is quite easy. In my case, I was able to beat it solo with thirty-five pheonix and ten collosus. That begs the question, what is the point of having the slightly stronger hero units you can only buy once when regular ones can easily do the job?

I do enjoy the idea of special forces map, especially when you can have some neat micro tricks and work as a team. But when I can easily beat the game on my second try without any hero units or strategy, the subsequent games become much less entertaining. When it came time to record, I had already beaten the game twice in a row before starting. If you noticed a lack of enthusiasm during the video, this would be why.

Map images :

NameSpecial Forces: Elite: shared income ver. v1.159
Edited ByLanzarote
Tested Versionv1.159 - Updated Sept 13th
Type1-6 Player Special Forces Base Defence
Official WebsiteMikelat announcing he will no longer make custom maps.