Best Games Series – Announcement

A recent post on Reddit had brought up this post from RPS which is a list of the 122 best PC games. The list in question covers games from 1989 all the way up to last year. While going over the list, I started to realize how many of these great games I had been missing over the years. This new series will be covering what are arguably some of the best PC games of all time. Read on for some details on this new series.

So before starting off the series, here is what you should be expecting from it. First off, expect the series to start in two weeks or so while I start preparing and testing various things. The videos are designed to introduce the games, show off gameplay and I will add general thoughts before closing out. I would like to keep the videos brief by keeping them well below the ten minute mark.

Once started, I would ideally release two to three games a week however the lack of free time would realistically limit me at one to two games a week. There are several reasons for this, here is the list so you all understand why :

– Working full time eats up loads of time in a week.
– I do Custom Craft on a weekly basis, this takes several hours from research to publishing the video.
– Many  games can be difficult to locate and downloading take several hours on my connection (450KB/s down 🙁 ).
– The older games will require some work to get them playable, I will provide steps and instructions on the video posts.
– Like Custom Craft I need to do some research, play the game, record, edit, render, upload, write post, add description and finally publish.

Despite this, I will try my best to provide two games per week. The games will also be played in the order they appeared on the site. Before closing out, I will make sure to mention that I will continue to do both Custom Craft and new releases.