Custom Craft Ep.7 – Line Tower Wars Remade

No solo casting this week as Nick is joining me this episode for a game of line tower wars. Before venturing too far in this map, I would like to apologize for the sub-par audio this week as I was still trying out different solutions. I do have something much better ready for the next episode, but for now you can read on for more information on this custom game.

To start things off, line tower wars pits eight players against each other in a tower defense game. The players must balance their economy between defensive maze building and sending out offensive units towards the next opponent. The map layout is quite simple; each player gets their own empty lane which adds up to eight lanes lined up side by side. Enemy units will spawn near the top of the map and leave on the bottom. Minus those two areas which are reserved for the unit spawning, the rest of the map is entire available for tower production.

So what about this defending and attacking I had mentioned at the beginning, well this is how it works. Defending is done like a typical tower defense game where you build towers in a maze like fashion to kill incoming enemies. You have the choice to build either a ranged or a melee tower, with the option of an elemental one later in the game. The choice between the two does not matter too much as you will quickly upgrade them into elemental towers. The elemental towers are chosen in the bottom right of the map where you can choose among a AOE, Beam or Thumper type tower. Considering how linear the upgrade paths are, it becomes quite obvious that the focus is on the attacking rather than defending.

While done at the press of a button, attacking another player is something that becomes very important and strategic as the game progresses. As you want to be the last player standing you will want to take out lives by sending units through your opponent’s maze. Your opponent in this case always happens to be the player in the lane to your right. If they happen to leak some of your units they will lose a life, and your unit will continue its journey in the following right lane. This is significant in two ways, the first is removing those crucial lives and the second is denying the bonus income that player would have received when killing the unit (bounty is usually enabled). But before you think about joining a game and turtling in, I will mention that doing this almost guarantees a win for your opponent.

Like many great games, this one also carries its own strategy elements. In one sense you will want to defend at all costs from the attacking units sent by the left opponent, but on the other you cannot live off the bounty resources collected by killing these units. In an ideal situation you will be able to purely send out attacking units as this will rapidly increase the amount of income bonus received every twenty seconds. Since this is not always the case, you must carefully monitor how much the opponent attacking you (on the left) is spending on their defense as you will want to maximize your expenses towards the attacking unit. As important as it is to closely monitor the opponents on either side, you must not forget about the remaining five lanes. In some cases people will save up for a killer wave of units that end up eliminating anywhere from a single player to all seven.

Overall what do we think of the game? Previous versions certainly had the base gameplay down, but suffered massive balance issues. As this was several months ago, the game has now matured and become much more balanced and exciting to play. The simplistic but deep strategy guarantees some pretty interesting strategies and play styles. But most of all, it’s the right balance in the amount of awareness and multitasking required that makes line tower wars a successful custom game.

 Map image :

NameLine Tower Wars Remade TV v1.81
TypeTower Defense
Players and Mode8 Player - FFA