Custom Craft Ep.6 – Island Defence

Following up a request to show more games of this type on the previous Galaxy Vamprism video, this week I played Island Defence. Odds are if you are a Warcraft 3 player, you probably have heard of this game before. If that is the case, you should feel right at home with this newer release as it is based off the Warcraft 3 version. For those out of the loop, read on for a brief summary of the game and further information on how to find it.

For those who have never heard of Island Defence, here is how the game goes. Unless you volunteer or get randomly picked as the titan, odds are you will start off as a builder. Depending what side you start on, your objective is to eliminate the other. The titan is strong and can almost instantly kill any worker at the start of the game, so each player will have to work as a team to take him down. Of course there are many choices and play styles you can choose from on both unit types, so let’s start with the builders.

The builders essentially have three styles to choose from. The first are the base builders which are quite important as they will heavily fortify a location on the map. Securing a position is quite important as not only does it allow your workers to mine in safety, but it also provides protection to some of the other builder types. The titan hunters are the builders that sacrifice most of the attacking and defending capabilities for pure buffing of the builder unit. They do have some tech structures used for upgrades, so putting them in a base will protect them from the titans. The third type of builder is essentially a hybrid of the other two. Their defensive structures are much weaker, but they can often summon supplemental units to help strengthen the main builder.

Looking at the titans, I will say that I have much less experience with them. There are a few less choices, but overall they differ from each other in the same way as the builders do. Some titans are extremely strong with sheer health and damage, while others will heavily rely on spells and skills to deal damage. Like the builders there are also the middle ground titans who trade part of their health and damage for some extra spells and skills.

As far as gameplay, the titan is pretty straightforward. You have a large map where the builders could be hiding, so the beginning will mostly be hunting them out of their hiding places. As the game progresses, most base builders will start establishing a base, while the hunters will probably have started poking at you every once in a while. From a builder perspective, the beginning can be quite unnerving as you have to find a decent hiding spot where you can establish some basic mining. If the titan doesn’t scout your position within the first few minutes, this is when you should start working on either building a base on upgrading your hunter all depending on the kind of builder you have. At the end of the day, there is always the risk you have to run which is harvesting the gold minerals from the center of the map. While crucial for your upgrades, the titans do have constant vision of this area which can make this task quite difficult when you consider how fragile the base building builders are.

Overall, Island Defence is a pretty interesting cat and mouse style game. It was quite popular at the beginning as it was quite the familiar map to most, and it happened to be the only of its kind for the longest time. As time has moved on, there are new takes on this style out there which in my opinion feel much better than this classic style. But at the end of the day, I will always rather play a game of Island Defence with a good team over some of the other imitations out there.

 Map image :

NameIsland Defence v1.51
Created byAgouti
TypeCat and mouse