Custom Craft Ep.5 – Fastest Map Possible

This week Mike plays a solo match on the fastest map possible. The custom map is essentially your typical StarCraft 2 team game with insane amounts of resource income. Read on for a written description and more information on this map.

Like the name suggests, this map is setup to be the fastest map possible in terms of economy. Beside every base, players will have a single patch of minerals and a vespene geyser which both have unlimited resources. To boost the income rate, workers will be able to stack which essentially removes all travel time when mining. The vespene geysers are also modified to instantly and simultaneously dispense gas to multiple workers. While the insanely fast economy plays a huge role on making this the fastest map possible, the map layout also has an important role in creating these fast games.

Designed as a 4v4 map, some simple math would tell us that we need eight player bases. Each player gets a fairly large square area free of any obstructions to build up their production facilities. The bases line the edge of the map with one on each corner and the remaining four in the middle of each side. While the bases are separated enough to prevent sieging from the adjacent ones, the rush distance is still quite short as the bases are all connected to a larger central square. Unless your teammates are occupying the adjacent bases you will need to be prepared for any early rushing that may happen.

While the rest is very similar to a typical ladder game (minus the economy), there are a few tweaks to help make it more exciting. The first and most notable change is the supply cap which is increased to 300 instead of the standard 200. To help balance the game some units like the void rays and mutalisks have a supply count increase while others like zealots and roaches are dropped to one supply. To further help counter the mass builds, most caster units have been buffed to make them more resilient to attacks.

Overall the fastest map possible is quite the exciting custom game. If ever there was an insane build you dreamed up and wanted to try, this is just the game for you. Despite the odd void ray and carrier rushes, you will often see some very interesting strategies and massive battles.



NameFastest Map Possible by --Wolf-- Edited By Bubbapillz
Created byWolf - Edited by Bubbapillz

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