Hard Reset [Demo] – Quick Look

Hard Reset is coming out in two days, but that didn’t stop me from giving the demo a quick look. Beyond knowing this was an indie developed first person shooter, I hadn’t read anything on the game before jumping into the demo. Read on for some extra thoughts on this game.

Not knowing anything about a game before jumping into it always creates an interesting experience. In this case I only knew this was a shooter of sorts as I didn’t read into the amount of buzz surrounding its upcoming release. When I noticed the demo for Hard Reset was available, I decided to get some firsthand experience by trying it out.

The first thing I noticed was how much the game felt like an old school first person shooter. The fast and responsive movement combined with weapons that don’t need reloading gives it a feel similar to the older Quake and Unreal series. In recent times this kind of gameplay has nearly gone extinct, but as somebody who grew up playing that style of games, I cannot repeat how happy I am seeing it make a comeback. While it plays like a ten year old game, it certainly does not look like one

Like the old school shooters where at the time, Hard Reset is a pretty good looking game. Now it’s not the best looking game, but it can certainly hold its ground against some of the bigger titles out there. The good art style combined with a sharp and consistent feel throughout the demo will always win over the other games that purely depend on having the most technology in their engine. Of course since it lacks these over the top effects that we have become accustomed to, Hard Reset has a refreshingly clean look which I quite appreciate. What they have done to make the game stand out is a unique is a mix of small touches like the interactive displays and extensive use of physics effects.

Overall I rather enjoyed playing the demo. The gameplay and graphics are certainly a great throwback to the classic first person shooters I grew up playing. My only worry for now is a possible lack of variety, as the demo didn’t show off that much in terms of content. In the 10-15 minutes of gameplay, I only ran into three types of enemies and completed two very similar objectives. However, I will reserve judgment on the final game as this is only a short demo of a much larger product. With that said, I’m looking forward to the release of Hard Reset as it has a unique feel among all these modern day shooters.

Release dateSeptember 13th
Steam storehttp://store.steampowered.com/app/98400/
Price26.99$ USD - 10% Off pre-purchase bonus
29.99$ USD - After release
Official websitehttp://www.hardresetgame.com/