Custom Craft Ep.4 – Galaxy Vampirism

Galaxy Vampirism is this week’s featured game in Custom Craft. Also, since this is our 100th video, we unveiled the new website to our viewers! That means the old website is now defunct and all new content will be featured on here from now on.

Please leave us your feedback and suggestions so we can continue to improve both the website and its content. Be sure to check out the How to find us page if you’d like to game with us. We’re always up for it, so send us a message and we’ll have some fun.

As for the website, it will be undergoing some more tweaking for the next little while in order to get things looking perfect. With that said, you can expect some continuous changes to the website and likely some of our content as well.

We hope you enjoy, and keep coming back to check us out!


Team Fraxial